Father’s Day = training day

7 weeks to go until I set off to my next zis fundraising tour. There won’t be much raising funds though this year because of the financial situation many companies are in. But let’s see.

Yesterday, I did my first 100k with full gear in beautiful weather. Most things work fine allready. Electric power supply is still a bit unresolved. Also, my solar panel is not mounted yet.

Cycled from my home into the beautiful Palatinate area to visit my friend Michl there and have a proper barbecue – yummie. Arrived exhausted but happy ūüėČ

A tour around East Germany

Finally, after numerous iterations, I think I have figured out my 2020 tour.

I will follow the Eastern German borders.
First, I will cycle from Heidelberg eastbound to Görlitz at the border to Poland and the Check Republic. Then I will turn North, following the German-Polish border until reaching the Baltic Sea. Then, I will follow the coastline westbound until I meet the former border between the two Germanies. From there on, I will go South again. 2.500km and the areas should be quit rural and lovely.

Testing my mental agility

Bike tours a great ways of self-isolation, especially when you travel alone, sleep in a tent and cook your own food along the way. Hence I always felt kind of ok with planning my trip for 2020 and it gave me something to look forward to in this crazy year.

However, after talking to friends in the US, I finally had to accept that there will be no possiblity for a bike tour through this country in 2020. This is quite depressing, I find. So, I planned for a backup tour through Canada.

After following the news and the Covid-19 statistics from Canada, I had to accept that also this country will be most likely still closed down in July still. What a pitty – I had just fallen in love with this country and the tour.

However, I am not ready to entirely give up my plans for a big tour in 2020. So, Plan C is a self-isolation bike tour through the East and North of Germany. Let’s hope for the best!

Easter 2020 – Training Time

Because of the Corona crisis, I don’t know if and when my tour through North America is going to happen. I have one tour prepared from San Francisco to Denver and in case the situation in the US should be too bad, I have another one mapped out through Canada going from Vancouver to Winnipeg. Both tours lead to pretty remote areas with a lot of wildlife. I get really exitited thinking about it. I don’t know what is going to happen, but nonetheless, I keep on training and prepairing. My goal is to have completed at least 2,500km this year on the bike before I go on my tour. I have allready reached 1,800km.

Over the Easter holidays, I spent 4 days cycling, using and testing my all new gear. The bike itself with the 4l water tank, the packing system and the GoPro mount as well as the tent, air matrace, gas cooker, water filtration system and solar panel. I spent three nights in the tent and I am loving it. My biggest luxury on my next tour – believe it or not – will be a foldable stool (a tribute to age).

My setup for 2020 and beyond

This is my new bike setup, proudly sponsored by Bikeage from Bammental, Germany. I figured that for my tours through the more remote parts of the world I needed some more stability and also more space for my stuff.

The basis is a Böttcher Randonneur made of steel with mechanic disc brakes and a Shimano 105 setup. The bags are Orlieb and Apidura. The watertank holds 4 litres and is from an Australian company. It is called Cranktank4. There will be an additional bag at the back for tent, sleeping bag, matrace etc.

On my tour, I will get to see one of the oldest and largest living organisms on the planet

On my tour, I will cycle through the Fishlake National Park in Utah. By coincidence I found out that an organism named Pando is living there. It is supposedly one of the oldest and largest living organisms on the planet. Can’t wait to see it.

Despite its huge resilience, it seems to be suffering because of human interference.

Bildergebnis f√ľr pando aspen picture"

Pando¬†(Latin¬†for “I spread out”), also known as the¬†trembling giant,[1][2]¬†is a¬†clonal colony¬†of an individual male¬†quaking aspen¬†(Populus tremuloides) determined to be a single living organism by identical¬†genetic markers[3]¬†and assumed to have one massive underground¬†root system. The plant is located in the Fremont River Ranger District of the¬†Fishlake National Forest¬†at the western edge of the¬†Colorado Plateau¬†in south-central¬†Utah, United States, around 1 mile (1.6¬†km) southwest of¬†Fish Lake.[4]¬†Pando occupies 43 hectares (106 acres) and is estimated to weigh collectively 6,000,000 kilograms (6,600 short tons),[5]¬†making it the¬†heaviest known organism.[6][7]¬†The root system of Pando, at an estimated 80,000 years old, is among the¬†oldest known living organisms.[8][9]


Preparation has started

Corporate sponsors wanted! If you believe that fostering the young generation is important then this might be interesting to you… Just about 4 more months to go until I set off to the 3rd part of “Around the World by Bike – powered by Leadership Choices”. Beginning of June 2020, I will cycle about 2,500 km from San Francisco to Denver to raise money for www.zis-reisen.de.

zis is a non-profit organization that has been awarding scholarships for study trips to young people between the ages of 16 and 20 for more than 60 years now. This time the route will take me through many national parks and the entire Rocky Mountains. My goal is to raise money for at least 30 scholarships, i.e. 27,000 ‚ā¨.

Please send me a message if you want to become a corporate sponsor: karsten.drath@leadership-choices.com